Collage of happy Hopin team members

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Collage of happy Hopin team members
If you love moving fast, working smart, and solving big challenges in the world of events, let’s chat.

Who we are

We are a remote team of passionate individuals committed to improving the way people connect online. Just as Hopin events are creative, diverse, and empowering, so too is our company. We believe collaboration is the key to success, no matter how many hats we have to wear.

Each team member has a huge opportunity to make a big impact, and together, as a distributed and connected team, we support each other in every area of the company to achieve it.

What excites you about your work?
Hopin provides so much room for growth. You get to learn new technologies and skills. The team is awesome. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Even though Hopin is big, there is still a startup vibe. Magic is in the air.
How would you describe Hopin in a few words?
Magic is in the air.
What are you typically doing outside of work?
I go to the gym, meet friends, code on personal projects or play VR.
Awesome people! Awesome product! Plus the company’s fast pace makes me feel like I’m on an adventure.
United Kingdom
Hopin has a great sense of community, the work is challenging and fun, plus you get to work with amazing and lovely people!
We are everywhere! We have a collaborative culture, team spirit. We have a great product, solving a real problem, and lots of challenges. My team is great.

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Prioritize Impact
When it comes to how we work, impact matters most. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand, and while there's no micromanaging here, we strive to make a measurable impact every day. We trust each other. We hold ourselves accountable, and we move fast and hustle because we have the flexibility to excel on our own terms.
We check our egos at registration. We take pride in our work but we have the humility to seek diverse perspectives. We aren't afraid to be wrong, because we know that's how we get better. Work is funny sometimes. It’s good to laugh.
One Step Ahead
We know that to get where we’re going, we have to look around corners, think big(ger), and solve problems before they even arise. We are proactive, we anticipate the future, and we always think and act one step ahead.
Lead with Empathy
Hopin was created to solve the hard problem of breaking down geographic barriers and bringing people together, so we are built on empathy and inclusivity. We want everyone to belong at (and on) Hopin, regardless of their origins, preferences, or opinions. Our diversity is what makes us exceptional and being global is in our DNA.
Customer Champions
At Hopin, our customers are at the center of everything we do. We devote ourselves to understanding and anticipating their needs so that we can build and grow together. By actively seeking and acting upon our customers’ feedback, we deliver innovative products that empower people to create meaningful experiences.

Life at Hopin

Kacper Golinski
Software Engineer
Bike hanging on a dark blue wall next to a chair and desk
Weekend office upgrades.
Hazel Song
Product Designer
Laptop on a wooden desk with additional wireless white keyboard and a wired grey trackpad
Spent my office set up money for magic keyboard and trackpad!
Lee Meichin
Software Engineer
Flat refurbishing/de-IKEAfication project getting along quite well.

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Callum Silcock
Software Engineer
Back to work (in Australian forced 2 week quarantine).
Paulo Fidalgo
Software Engineer
If the life gives you lemons, make lemonade!!! Squeeze out the best you can get from 2020!

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Jan Hesters
Software Engineer
Get to have standup with this view today.
Hazel Song
Product Designer
Working from this lovely cafe today (somewhere in Bali)
Türerkan İnce
Software Engineer
Today's office #brokenfuelpump

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Benefits and perks

  • Unlimited Vacation and Flexible Schedules
  • $1000 USD for Home-Office Set up
  • $1500 USD for Learning & Development
  • $100 monthly remote work stipend
  • Choose your favorite laptop - Mac or Dell
  • Fully remote, Global team

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